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  • Privacy Policy
  • Information of personal nature:

    In the following content “you” is the term used in order to refer the user and the term “Take Service” has been used to refer Sarvaloka Services On Call Pvt. Ltd. “the website”, www.takeservcie.in is owned and operated by Take Service, and if there is a services you require at home on your demand then the Mobile app of Take Service or “Take Service App”. All this collectively, along with the Take Service contents are available at the Take Service App and the website.

    It is completely your choice to provide with information of personal nature. In case there is a plan to observe any of their services provided by Take Service then sharing the personal data is completely at your discretion and risk and one should always read and confirm the policies set for privacy.

    If you have a plan to use the services of Take Service then you will be required to provide Take Service with personal details. These personal data are well respected at Take Service. When you mention personal data they can be something that helps in identifying you like that of your contact number, name, e-mail address, age, computer’s IP address , the details of payment and similar information of personal nature, which might be required for Take Service services.

    If you are using the Take Service App then Take Service might use the ID of your mobile phone. This ID is the unique code of identification that the manufacturers’ provide to individual mobiles. This is done by Take Service in order have a track and store the preferences set by you. When you agree with the policies it is your duty to understand the fact Take Service holds the right of sharing the Mobile Ids with separate parties in order to do analysis and promotional activities.

    If you have a plan of participating in some of the Take Service Services’ facilities, schemes or services, then you will be asked to provide more information. Take Service maintain that information in their database. This information is however taken as personal data and hence is kept confidential.

  • Information storage and protection:

    It is the duty of Take Service to make you cautious of the fact that the services of Take Service is susceptible to hacking, attacks of virus and this means your personal data remains at risk. However Take Service has taken the all required caution that can keep their data and services secured.

  • Cookies involved:

    You might find a text-based file named “cookie” in your mobile browser set by Take Service. This is a blank cookie, that doesn’t hold any kind of personal data, but can be used by Take Service to keep a track of the usage of their services and relate the same with the information you knowingly and specifically provide Take Service.

    Cookies are medium that helps Take Service to maintain a track of the choices you have and provide you with field of data that needs be filled up by you.

  • Commercials and advertisements:

    If you check the website or the Take Service app then at times you come across advertisements forwarded by advisers. Sometimes they advertisers set up separate Ids for Mobiles in the App they have. Take Service doesn’t take any responsibility for such advertisers. If you have any intention to visit such advertisers then that is completely at your own risk. Even if Take Service allows such advertisers, they don’t exactly warranty or promote or recommend the genuineness, deliverables, commitments or quality or of such advertisers. Take Service doesn’t also take responsibility of the protection of your personal data with such advertisers.

  • Pre-approval to share personal data:

    Take Service takes endeavour in protecting all your personal data. Take Service holds full right to provide these personal data with their sponsors, providers of services and their partners in business. Personal data are exchanged in order to provide you newsletters, knowledge of newly launched products, offers, services, schemes, facilities, launches or similar information that is applicable. Take Service analyses all the information gathered from all users and you in various ways. Partners and providers of services are usually getting the analysis report of all information.

    Take Service doesn’t need to obtain any6 kind of pre-approval from you if the personal data requires revelation to safeguard the interest of Take Service services or to help any Government Body or to meet requirement of the Court.

  • Third Party website linking:

    Only Take Service Services are susceptible to this policy of privacy. Services are liable to have links belonging to third-party websites that are outside the control or operation of Take Service. Whatever procedures or policies Take Service has set are not applicable on these Third-party sites. One must remember that Take Service doesn’t review or endorse in any service links. If you wish to know the policies on privacy then Take Service suggests to directly getting in touch with them.

  • Changing policies of Privacy:

    Take Service is continuously holding the right of modifying all the policies of privacy set by it anytime they wish. However Take Service ensures that your personal data remains as secured as it was when you provided the information. Take Service encourages you visit the services in order to track any changes made in the policies. When you visit the services of Take Service you actually acknowledge the agreement of the policies of privacy set by Take Service. You are requested to address any question to YOUR EMAIL ID.

    You are requested to get in touch with us in case you wish to know anything about policies of privacy, the site practices, or any issue dealing with the site.

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